I acknowledge my privilege in living on land stolen from the Gunaikurnai people in Metung East Gippsland; custodians for 120,000 years of respect and responsibility, care and connection to this place.

My gratitude for being welcomed by the oldest living culture in the world, holds me in obligation to learn, with permission, the humility in being one with country; to learn how to see country with my ears and hear country with my eyes, I acknowledge the Un-learning I need to do in deconstructing the colonising British and European migrant mindset I absorbed in my youth, echoing and ricocheting at every turn, every look.

Allowing silence when walking, so silence speaks, land wind water and everything speaks and is alive.

Arriving in Australia after many cultural experiences throughout Papua New Guinea in 1971, the culture shock I underwent enabled me to reassemble myself through making art at the South Australian School of Art, Adelaide. I acknowledge the power of this land is regenerating my spirit with an obligation to open to, respect and be in conversation with the land in my own backyard, down the Wallaby track or under the city!
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Blank Jigsaws for Groupwork

Purchase your preferred jigsaw by choosing any of the options below.

How to use a Blank Jigsaw for Groupwork:

  1. Spread the jigsaw out on the table.
  2. Choose a piece and write or draw on it something you can contribute to this group. Draw or write as many as you can as many as you can.
  3. Go around the group as each person picks up a piece that connects to your piece/s of your own jigsaw
  4. When everyone has had a turn reflect on what are the missing pieces in the big picture

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